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Why Should Law Firms Need Safeguarding of Their Digital Data

  Increasing Security Risks for Law Firms Over the start of the year 2020, some law firms have acknowledged the increase of security risks in their industry. Many law firms also find that data risks are very scary and costly. It should be that way, due to the large amount of sensitive data their clients […]

Corona envisions a new world of technology for us

Technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a great role to play in preventing the corona virus worldwide spread. Covid-19 is a pandemic, and technology is essential to combat it. A Canadian health company warned their customers early before the WHO found the presence of corona virus in Wuhan on January 9. This company with the advantage of […]

Live-streaming and risks in the digital classroom

COVID-19 epidemic made it normal, online classes and live streaming has become a part of every student’s routine, earlier parents were denied mobile access to the students but now online learning tends to increase the usage of mobile phones, laptops, and other devices among young children, not like the teachers and staff, students are using […]

Business Apps – A cost-effective way to hike-up business productivity

Business apps are essential for expanding corporate business productivity, selecting the right business tool is closely connected with the success of your business. Efficient business applications will increase business productivity and reduce business costs. Employee communication is very important in business, remote working can often make the employees feel that they are not actively participating […]

The ‘New Normal’ online learning and features of education apps

Modes and methodologies of operations are varied, but the growth of online learning is at an astonishing rate. Due to COVID-19 most of the traditional colleges and schools are making their courses online. The online education system uses email, video conferencing, voice conferencing, mobile devices, and web applications. The most basic things needed for an […]

Data Breach can cause irredeemable harm to Startup business.

Start-up business becomes a crucial target for hackers, recent updates show the numbers of a data breach in the startup business is growing. The most important asset of a startup is its goodwill or reputation once it gets damaged it’s irreversible to the business and will wipe out the startup business itself among the competitors. […]

Law Enforcement Requests and Government Policies

What is law enforcement and how confidential is customer data being protected? Law enforcement requests come from the police, FBI, and other law enforcement organizations via email, phone, letter or other confidential means of communication in acquiring customer identity or transaction activities. Every business has the responsibility to respond and coordinate with the law enforcement community and […]

Digital Government And Cyber Security Strategies Of Public Information

The success of government policies is now closely connected with the successes of technologies adopted by the government. It is a long process to initiate and implement digital government policies, multiple budget processes and administrative tasks are involved in it. A government’s digital technologies should be capable of reducing costs and increasing the efficiencies for […]

Safeguarding Digital Information

Today, businesses have moved to e-commerce platforms, at the same time the percentage of data breaches are increasing rapidly. Digital assets like website contents, blogs, v-log, and social media should be safeguarded with more safety tools not only for protecting digital data but it will attract new customers into the business. Whether it is a […]