Modes and methodologies of operations are varied, but the growth of online learning is at an astonishing rate. Due to COVID-19 most of the traditional colleges and schools are making their courses online. The online education system uses email, video conferencing, voice conferencing, mobile devices, and web applications.

The most basic things needed for an online learning program are:

  • Online learning app
  • An advanced computer system/ smartphone…
  • High-speed Internet/WIFI
  • Email id

Online learning will circulate education from the most developed areas to remote regions. 

This is the era of mobile apps, advanced technologies and apps made a big change in the educational industry. There is a unified platform to let every student access the same information. Education apps are created to encourage students to learn and experience new things and generate more interest by giving live experiences.

Advantages of Educational applications

  • Educational apps give ‘live’ experiences and examples to the students that will help the teachers to explain less and also the students can remember it for long.
  • Students will love online learning, today’s generation loves to spend time with mobile phones and the internet, they do shopping, entertainment, and gaming online, if we suggest more interactive online learning and activities then they will start love studies also.
  • Increasing the interaction between students and teachers.
  • Parents will be notified about any event or schedule change.
  • Students will feel free to interact with teachers.
  • There is no time limit as for regular schooling, students can ask doubts at any time and teachers can schedule classes based on everyone’s convenience.
  • Portability and mobility are the major advantages of online education.
  • Eco -friendly, the more digitalized classroom and study materials means the less number of trees are cut down every year.

How to use educational apps:

Download the best and most secure educational apps from your mobile’s app store and do sign up with basic information. For video conferences, you can use the meeting ID and password provided by the host.

There are various types of educational apps are available based on its usage and function like AR education app, Question and answer app, educational games and quizzes, school bus app, tutor app, preschoolers app, competitive exam app, specialized courses app and more.

Features of Education App:


Education app with local languages are more popular, a student can download an app with local languages like Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam other than international languages. This will help to increase student performance.


Good notification is an important feature of better apps, students and teachers can be notified about the upcoming events related to online classes and subjects.


Users will be going to download the educational app only if it is easy and simple to use. Sign-up process should be simple and easy.

Quality and effectiveness 

Good video and audio quality, easy and attractive user interface, calendar, email, chat boxes, work collaboratively is making an educational app unique.

Usefulness and wide scope of the mobile learning application are increased the number of apps that are being introduced into the app market, and for more security and advanced learning experience, Dooth vault is a good choice.

Dooth vault is a brand-new approach to data security in a completely integrated online platform for collaboration.

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