Data Protection Platform

Data Protection Platform

With the onset of online platforms and enterprises, securing data and information from loss and vulnerability is not quite that simple as fastening a file locker using a lock and key. Though umpteen provisions are employed to shield information, sensitive data are always prone to theft and loss. Thereby, forewarned is forearmed.


Ways To Protect Sensitive Information

Before stepping onto various data security solutions to avoid a data breach, let us take a look at Data Leak Prevention or DLP. This is a strategy to assure that sensitive info does not go out of the premises of the corporate network. In other words, DLP is also referred to as Data Loss Prevention and Data Loss Protection. Their strategy incorporates recognizing the specified sensitive data, monitoring channels, and detecting activities that lead to leakage of data and deploy a range of actions like, alert users of their dicey activities, segregate outbound email messages that contain sensitive data, and obstruct the transfer of info to portable storage media.


Other Data Protection Platforms


  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identity management is identifying the right users in the right context and permitting access to the authorities. IAM systems provide tools and technologies that keep a track of the user’s activities, make time-to-time reports on them, and enforce corporate policies and government regulations.

Certain IAM tools that enable the administration of user access over an entire enterprise include API security, Identity Analytics (IA), Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), etc.

  • Data Encryption

Scramble and encode your text before storing it in the cloud or any other data protection platform. The ‘cipher text’ or the encoded data only be decoded by the specified authorities who deal with it.

  • Endpoint Protection or Endpoint Solution Program

Endpoint solution program or alternatively known as Endpoint Detection and Response is either a product or service or software that plugs an organization’s data communication channel. This is a step more than the usual antivirus software to prevent your device malware attacks and hackers. As the name suggests, it is the end or limit of a data communication channel.

  • Intelligent Firewalls

A firewall is another data protection platform that is capable of protecting individual devices and the entire network from security threats. These devices control the incoming and outgoing network traffic and decide what to permit and what to block. This stands between the internal and external network and devices.


On A Final Note

Digitalization is a new trend and culture. Establishing and maintaining security alertness of both the customer and the firm is the cotter to this way of life.

In the changing times, it is imperative to embrace, adopt and adapt to new practices. Directors, managers, or other relevant members of an organization handling and safeguarding significant and sensitive documents or info is as old as time. Despite implementing various security measures, creating and entrusting security awareness and duties from the grass-roots level, ie., assigning each individual to protect valuable info can prove efficient and effective to a large extent.


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