Cloud Data Protection Services

Cloud Data Protection Services

Although the pandemic and its repercussions have left a void and incertitude across the globe, this new year is deemed with skies of blue. Though life slowed down, the virtual sphere sped up. “Agility surpassed any skill in 2020”, remarks Frederic Clement, CMO, Lengow. The whole world has become accustomed to the ‘new normal’ and digital is the current ‘new’.


2021 and cyber management

How strong and secure is your data protection platform? Studies point out that there has been a sudden shot-up of almost 94% of cyber attacks and data breaches over the past year. It is a prerequisite that the IT strategies need to exhibit flexibility and convenience, at the same time it is imperative to look out for the unseen web-based menaces.


What are the cyber flails to expect in 2021?

  • Pandemic-related phishing. The pandemic has become a motif in disguise to carry out phishing scams. A surge in the number of new cases, the announcement of a new covid variant, and the vaccine pave way for the camouflaged cyber assaults. The attackers look forward to a click on these links or attachments that might lead to the loss of sensitive data.
  • Accelerating ransomware attacks. As per the prediction of Cybersecurity Ventures in 2021, an organization falls victim to ransomware onslaughts every 11 seconds which was 14 seconds in 2019.
  • Rising number of cloud infringements. Although cloud data protection services are one of the innocuous cybersecurity measures, it is crucial to employ security features and configure them correctly up-to-date.
  • Assaults on IoT. the Internet of Things or the devices connected to the internet and associated with the collecting and sharing of data, superintend infrastructure, increase customer-base service, etc. There can be chances that hackers make access and control to these devices and use them in botnets. 


What to do and what not to do in 2021?

  • Biometric security. Most international organizations and firms have begun using the biometric mode of safety as the first step to security. Also, behavioral biometrics examines the way users engage with the input devices thereby sending an alarm when anomalous behavior is notified. 
  • Set up a hierarchical security policy. Firms must not simply consent to policies that are unwritten or unauthorized. A policy put in black and white is mandatory for your data protection platform. The hierarchical method proves beneficial as the security measures begin from the grass-root level. Here, the firms must permit departments to organize a policy based on the central strategy rather than following a centralized security approach.
  • Cloud security solutions. Enabling a mere password for safeguarding data is no more a good move. Cloud security solutions have become one of the popular, efficient, and proven means of security. These controls and extends the range of data security policy to the cloud. Data discovery and classification, data activity monitoring, encryption, and key lifecycle management, etc, fall in the cloud data protection services


Few things to be kept in mind

2021 is filled with hopes and challenges. To swim across the ocean of cybersecurity obstacles is the biggest reward and victory every business needs to achieve this year. The above mentioned are the basics for a clean cyber slate. There are several hidden ways of data loss and various technologies and strategies to be cautious of as well as defend them. 

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